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    • Knightmare

      by Published on 06-26-2015 01:00 AM

      And just like that... Blood Raids are done!

      As Queen Sendaii lay dead on the ground (or shoved into a wall), the sounds of "HOODY HOO!" could be heard echoing through TeamSpeak. Mal`Deth has officially beaten all five Blood Raids. Of course, as anyone who has done these raids legit can tell you, Sendaii is by far the toughest one. We definitely wiped a few times to her, but on our third night of attempting her, she finally went down. A little tweaking to the original plan and it actually felt pretty smooth!

      Congratulations to this incredible guild! Vule next week and Demi-Plane of Blood is right around the corner!!! Time to crash some dinner parties and stab a few vampires!

      If you're interested in joining a truly talented and dedicated raid force, reliving mid-era content (the best content in EQ) and having a blast with the most fun crew of people I've ever played EQ with, then drop off an application!

      Check needed classes before applying and make sure you have read our Guild Charter!

      See you at raids...
      by Published on 06-05-2015 12:23 AM


      Vishimtar took a grand total of 3 attempts. We went into the instance on an earlier night just to show people what the zone looked like, etc but as far as actual committed attempts go, we got him down on our third try. This raid force is incredible. We would have taken a screenshot with Vishi himself, but he fell into the wall. We'll add a screenshot after we kill him again next week For now, check us out flexing next to the chest, which dropped some sweet loot!!!

      Grats to Viladyan on being our first member to complete the YL/Vishi eye quest and get his awesome 1.0 sec cast time heal clicky!

      As promised... here is a shot of the mighty beast's corpse...

      Depths of Darkhollow is officially open for group content!!!

      We will be working the group content in DoDH and farming CoA/DoN for a while yet before moving into flagging raids for Demi. None of us expected to be moving through progression so quickly, so we're going to slow things down just a bit and make sure we farm the crap out of CoA/DoN before putting any of it on post-farm.

      Just a reminder, all of our wins are done legitimately, without the use of high levels or their buffs. We do not allow defiant gear or augs, no hotzone quest gear, nor do we allow any fabled items. All gear worn by raiders, including augs, existed during the expansions we're raiding and have been earned legitimately by grouping or raiding. This is as close to the original era as any guild can get and as such, beating OMM and Vishi within a week of each other is nothing short of incredible. Mal`Deth rocks and our members are incredibly talented raiders! Cannot wait for Demi flagging!!! (even though we have to, to make time for farming...)

      Class sections are filling up and our needs will be adjusted on the website.
      But, I'll spare you the trouble!

      Our highest needs are:
      - ENCHANTERS -
      - PALADINS -


      Apply today! Join this incredible team while recruiting is still open for all classes!
      by Published on 05-29-2015 12:03 AM

      "Sure, you killed everything through AMV, but I'm not impressed..." - Some dick.

      "Pfffffttttttttttttttttttttttttt, talk to me when you kill OMM..." - A real jerk.

      "You guys aren't a real raid force..." - A very incorrect individual...

      Yep, it finally happened. Tonight was the night. Not only did we beat OMM... we beat him twice...

      We got him to banish us the first attempt, then accidentally took too long getting back. We thought we had a lot more time than we did apparently. I could hear the heads slamming into desks and imminent depression was befalling the raid force. Obviously, we could not call it for the night, even though we were already beyond midnight at this point. We were hungry for a win. And when we're hungry, we stay up past our bed times. And when we stay up past our bed times, this happens...

      Now look at this pretty lockout list!

      This week yielded FIVE 2.0 orbs (OMM dropped two of them tonight) and our members are loving spamming guild chat with their links! I have to say, I love seeing it too.

      Now, let's take a moment to talk about just how difficult this encounter can be. Most guilds back in the day didn't even attempt OMM after they saw what he is capable of. Plenty of guilds just farmed through AMV and revisited OMM during later expansions. However, we're not plenty of guilds. We are going to do progression legit (or as close to legit as a guild can get in EQ these days). DoN is next on the chopping block and for those who say we can't handle Vish... I remind you that we just handled OMM

      I want to take a moment to congratulate our raiders, who are diligent, focused, capable, and adaptive. You have all proven to the world that we are to be taken seriously now as a progression raid force. We have sculpted an incredibly fun and talented squad here and I cannot wait to keep progressing with you all. Tonight, more than any night, you all sincerely and profoundly impressed me to my core. I have never raided with such an incredible group of people.

      Here's to a very bright and successful future of raiding together! WE FUCKING BEAT OMENS OF WAR!!!!!!!!

      by Published on 05-19-2015 12:20 PM

      It's been a really solid couple of weeks to be in Mal`Deth... and a really shitty couple of weeks to be a raid mob in CoA...

      (Insert picture of Ture in which his corpse didn't fall into the god damn wall, ruining everything... see lockout screenshot if you think we beat Jelvan and not Ture)

      Yep, that's right. Everything in CoA, except for OMM (soon... soon, you son of a bitch) has been slain with ease (ok, maybe Jelvan was a pain in the ass the first couple of times) by the heroes over at Mal`Deth!

      A very special congratulations to our first class of 2.0 raiders, Claude, Crenshin, and Joeesiph! If you got it, flaunt it, baby!

      We are very proud to announce that, since CoA sans OMM has been completed legitimately in era at max lvl 70, we are now officially opening the Dragons of Norrath expansion!!!

      No, no, no... that's the wrong dragon. I mean, it's a fun fight sure, but it's not DoN.

      I have no doubts in my mind that Mal`Deth will annihilate the DoN expansion with ease. After Foresight, Jelvan, and making the rest of CoA look like a walk in the park, the only potential challenge will be Vishi, who really is nothing more than a cracked out version of RSS Queen/King anyway. So, please...

      by Published on 05-11-2015 11:09 PM

      Hey kids!
      Today we're going to have some fun, learning our numbers with our favorite vampire: Count von Count!

      Let's practice counting to 6!

      Yep, that's right... /grin

      All six trials have been defeated by 25 (on Foresight, NBD) to 32 in-era (lvl 70, with no Omens gear that hasn't been earned during raids, no defiant gear/augs, etc) raiding mains of Mal`Deth! I won't lie, Foresight gave us a good run and really forced us to hone our skills as raiders. In the end, we got it down and now the gates of CoA have swung open, inviting us in to slaughter and loot everything in sight!

      If you're looking to join us, now is the time! Read the Guild Charter for rules, raid schedule, etc. Be sure to also check our needed classes before applying!

      So, is there anything out there that can stop us?! Elephino!
      by Published on 04-13-2015 03:36 AM

      Sooooooooo, it's been a while! It's long overdue that we put a new story up here and what better story to share than the epic (teehee) tale of Mal`Deth slaughtering our way around Norrath in order to equip our members with their 1.5's!

      It started like most classic stories... A few elves and a couple of lizard men hop on a boat and set out for adventure... you know, that old chestnut...

      Pretty soon, they met up with some of their guild homies and decided that it was time to rally Mal`Deth and start killing mobs...

      The mobs found out what was happening. They were less than excited...

      A wake of corpses rippled through Norrath, as we made kill...

      After kill...

      After kill...

      After bloody, merciless kill...

      Of course, this is but a small sample of our kill catalog. There's many more mobs out there just itching to die and who are we to deny them their dreams? We're Dream Makers (TM), here at Mal`Deth.

      Savage, relentless murder is but one of the many beautiful aspects of this update that I have for you all. I'd also like to take a moment to brag about our incredible officers who have been recruiting like maniacs. Shout out to Dallia, Deecayed, and Keldaria for just killin' it and making this guild the spectacular family that it's become...

      Of course, if we're being honest... we may have had to take some unorthodox tactics in order to pull in as many recruits as possible.

      Whatever it takes! *drops pants*

      Indeed, we are still recruiting and we've got all the naked Barbarians you can handle! Please always check our "Class Needs" section on the home page, as we update it very regularly. Even if a class section is listed as closed, we may make an exception for an extraordinary raider. Make sure to click on the "Guild Charter" link before applying to check that our rules and raid times work for you.

      Epic 1.5 and 2.0 fights are being taken down left and right and we're very close to starting progression raids. DKP is already being earned for event nights, so now is the perfect time to join! If you're into killing shit with cool people, you should probably go ahead and apply

      See you in the past...

      by Published on 03-02-2015 09:47 PM

      Well, it's been quite a long time since Tunare has seen the Mal`Deth tag flying throughout Norrath but...

      And this time, we've got a totally new mission: Legitimate, era-restricted progression, beginning from Omens of War and moving on indefinitely. This means, we're enforcing a level cap at 70, we're not allowing defiant gear or other out of era (OOE) stuff, etc. Basically, we're trying to recreate what it was like to raid this content when it was the end game. Obviously, it can't be 100% accurate, but we're going to be the closest that anyone could possibly get.

      Now, you may be asking yourself, "Self... why wouldn't they just join the new progression server when it comes out?" Well, for a few reasons, including...

      (1) There are no other progression guilds on Tunare (i.e. - No competition)
      (2) Tunare is a populated server. This means we have a Bazaar that is actually useful!!! Tradeskillers rejoice!
      (3) We're not looking to go all the way back to the beginning of EQ... we kinda wanna move on, get our 2.0's, and see some content beyond GoD.
      (4) Uh... I felt like there had to be four reasons, but I'm kind of bored of this list, so I'm just gonna move on...

      MD is in its infancy right now. We're still tweaking a few things with the website, getting last minute feedback on our guild charter, which can be found HERE and you should totally go read through it to make sure that everything sounds good to you before signing up, and we're still filling some crucial leadership roles before we officially open up recruiting. However, this doesn't mean that you can't go register on our forums in order to say hello and start getting to know the core membership of the guild.

      We are setting up our leadership a bit different than most guilds in EQ. Since we know that progression guilds are delicate flowers which need constant love and attention, we want to make sure that we do everything in our power to set up a strong leadership structure which will ensure that the guild can continue through difficult patches (holidays, application lulls, etc). As such, there is no "Guild Leader" rank in MD. We have a crew of officers who will lead the guild (all spelled out in our charter). Because of this structure, our guild cannot be broken if one person leaves MD for an extended amount of time. We'll have enough Raid Leaders and other officers where if it comes to be that a Raid Leader has to leave EQ for a while, you're already comfortable with the other RL's to the point where it doesn't feel weird. Genius, right?! We thought so...

      Another difference between MD and most other guilds, is that we will not tolerate drama, shit-stirrers (I'm sure you've met a few during your time in EQ), or anyone who doesn't abide by the general concept of treating others with respect. We understand that progression is a chance for you to relive content that you've likely experienced with a different guild. However, we're not your old guild. We're gonna do some things differently. That doesn't mean you can't suggest strats, share your opinions, and contribute to the direction and approach of the guild. What it does mean, however, is that we're not going to put up with people who follow the "If it ain't broke, break it" mentality, where they have to try to change functional strategies because their old guild did it differently. I know, this part of the announcement is kind of a bummer... I'm sorry about that. It just kinda had to be said... to prevent issues... ya know? Ok, now I feel bad for bringing you down... here, look at this picture of a Llama in a party hat...

      Do you feel better? Why are its eyes so full of love? It must love partying...

      Anyway, that's enough of a novel for right now. Go register on our forums, say hello, drop off an application, and let's make Mal`Deth the most awesomely fun and kick-ass progression guild in EQ history!