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  • Guild Name: Mal`Deth
  • Content Goal: Begin era-restricted, legit progression in Omens of War, with the hopes of progressing indefinitely.
  • Raid Schedule:
    • Monday 9pm to Midnight EST
    • Tuesday 9pm to Midnight EST
    • Thursday 9pm to Midnight EST
  • Max Level: 70



  • No defiant gear or defiant augments.
  • No out of era (OOE) gear, spells, or discs.
  • No high levels or OOE tagged characters in CoA or DoN or DoDh zones. This includes non-high levels that are tagged as OOE in the guild window due to gear or other issues.
  • No use of OOE zones or Locked zones by Non-OOE tagged characters.
  • No use of /Anon. If you would like to conceal your class or zone to others please use /roleplay. Anon is bad because it hides your zone from the guild which makes us think you're doing something your not supposed to if your trying to hide it from us
  • No high level buffs. Lvl 70 buffs are currently the max.
  • No J2, J3, J4, J5 Mercenaries due to the quest to obtain them being OOE. This restriction remains in place even if you had completed quests before joining Mal`Deth.
  • No pre-farming of CoA or DoN or DoDh zones (Anyone with CoA or DoN or DoDh gear will have to bank it until it’s earned by questing or bidding during raids – even group DoN gear - Crystals bought via loyalty vender are allowed to purchase vender gear) - EPIC 2.0's Included [need CoA Orb to unbank]). Post-farming OoW zones (except CoA) and earlier is allowed with high levels since CoA through AMV is on farm status.
  • No pre-farming current era gear.
  • No Fabled items or augments. Period.
  • Use of /Rsay by Non-Raid Leaders or Non-Authorized Staff will not be tolerated.


  • All AA’s are allowed, as well as the auto-grant feature.
  • Mercenaries are allowed in tier 1 zones to start, but group priority should be given to real players.
  • High levels are allowed in Pre-OoW zones.
  • All mounts are allowed, unless they inherently grant stats. No bonus stats from mounts or familiars will be permitted.
  • De-leveled HC's (Heroic Characters) are allowed, so long as they meet all other era restrictions.
  • The Bazaar is allowed. You may purchase trade skill components, bags, etc. You may also sell OOE items (defiant, etc.) but you obviously are still not allowed to use or equip anything which is OOE or specifically listed under the restrictions section.
  • Fellowships are allowed for the purpose of rallying so that we may plant a banner during raids. You may use fellowships and campfires while grouping. No stat benefits from campfires during raids!
  • Personal tribute is allowed, but we are aiming for a challenge here. If you want our content to be challenging and rewarding, I would suggest that you use as few outside benefits as possible.
  • Hotzone augments, so long as the hotzones are in era.
  • Potions are allowed. We are going to allow poisons on a trial basis. If the benefit of poisons is too great, we may reconsider allowing them.
  • Veteran AA's are allowed. During raids, you should not pop Infusion unless the Raid Leader calls for it.
  • Jewelcrafting is allowed up to Velium. All gems and cuts are allowed within the Velium rank EXCEPT Taaffeite and all Nihilite (shimmering, indigo, crimson, amber) gems.
  • All traditional trade skills, which produce in-era items are allowed and strongly encouraged!


ALL Aura's are considered OOE and should NOT be used. Addtionally the following spells/songs/discs are considered OOE and should not be used. This is broken down by class for convenience.


    DKP Open Bid System

  • DKP is earned for:
    • On Time DKP (5 DKP),
    • Each Hour (5 DKP),
    • Double DKP for First Time Kills, and
    • 4x DKP for End of Content First Time Kills (Overlord Mata Muram for CoA). If raids run late, we will award 5 DKP per half hour.
  • Bids are done in /rsay, one item at a time.
  • The bid timer will count down from 30 seconds, announcing who is in the lead at 10 seconds. Last call will be given and then bids are announced closed. If someone raises the bid at 10 seconds or last call, the timer will go back up to 20 seconds.
  • The first round of bidding will be open to Full Members and Boxes. During this first round of bidding, boxes may only bid up to 20 DKP (from main's DKP bank). Boxes may not tie with mains.
  • The second, and final, round of bidding will be open to Junior Members and Alts. During this round of bidding, alts may only bid up to 20 DKP (from main's DKP bank). Alts may not tie with Junior Members
  • Full Members and Junior Members may tie bids with each other, respectively, and if the bid ends in a tie, everyone who tied will /ran 32k for the item. Highest roll wins and is charged the amount of DKP which was tied upon. Alts and Boxes may also tie with each other, respectively.
  • If a member bids more DKP than they have, they may be docked an additional 50 DKP for their won item (They still win the item, unless caught early enough). Members are all responsible for knowing how much they are able to bid.

  • Bid Brackets:
    • 1-10 DKP - may raise by 1 DKP or tie
    • 11-50 DKP - must raise by at least 5 DKP or tie
    • 51-100 DKP - must raise by at least 10 DKP or tie
    • 100+ DKP - must raise by at least 20 DKP or tie


We will need the following roles. Delegation and shared responsibility in each area are crucial. No one person should be running the guild and the guild should not be destroyed if any one person leaves. Here are the branches of leadership and their needed personnel:

    Raid Leadership

  • 3 Raid Leaders
    • Each raid leader shares the same rank, power, and responsibility. This role will include giving event information, directing the raid on where to move/stand, and handling incoming tells from the Class Leaders (i.e. “Daven tells the raid, ‘Tells from CL’s will be sent to Aemonn tonight”). Specific duties, aside from those mentioned will be distributed among the chosen RL’s, by the chosen RL’s. The roles should rotate each raid night, so that no RL feels cornered into a duty they are not fond of and so that each RL becomes intimately familiar with each raid event, to the point that they can all lead raids on any given night. The added bonus, is that if one of the RL’s needs to leave EQ for a while, the whole guild is already comfortable with all 3 RL’s and so the raids won’t feel weird. We will have time to fill in the third RL spot this way and keep things moving forward smoothly.Raid communication is important to us and use of /Rsay by non-raid leaders or authorized staff will not be tolerated.
  • Class Leaders
    • Each class will need a CL, some more than others (i.e. – Clerics and Warriors). The CL’s will be responsible for providing detailed class-specific raid instruction in their respective channels after the RL has given out the event information.
    • Each CL will be responsible for directing communication of errors in information, problems within their class channels, or any other pertinent information related to their class section during raids, to the Raid Leader who has been delegated as the CL contact for the raid night.
    • Each CL will be responsible for maintaining their class forum on the website. They must ensure that standard raid protocol (i.e. – How to set up a Complete Heal Wheel (CHW) for the Cleric section) is expressed in very clear terms, so that everyone in their class section knows what to do during raids.
    • CL’s must be adaptive. If raids are wiping and you realize that your class strategy isn’t working, you need to be willing and able to come up with a new strategy on the fly and adjust the problems within your class section.
  • 2 Loot Handlers
    • The loot handlers will be responsible for (1) Handling the bidding process for all loot which drops, (2) Updating the DKP website during the raids to keep everyone’s DKP banks and attendance %’s accurate in real time, and (3) Designate a “Raid Looter” [can/should be a full member of the guild; can/should be different each raid night; can/should be rewarded with DKP] each raid to loot all trash corpses and spend the resulting platinum on guild supplies (i.e. – Emeralds for DI’s, etc.) and deposit them into the guild bank.
    • Whichever loot handler is on website duty that night (both should have access and rotate the responsibilities) should be verifying that the leading bidder is within their bid bracket limitations and spending DKP which they have. If someone is going outside of standard protocol, the loot handler on website duty must interject and say “Illegal bid” and specify why the bid is illegal.

    Non-Raid Leadership

  • 3 Recruiting Officers
    • Maintaining and updating posts on the EQ Guild Recruitment forums, the Guild Lobby recruiting boards, and actively seeking out potential applicants via grouping outside the guild, /who searches for our most needed classes, tutorial zone recruiting, general chat recruiting (from time to time – don’t spam), and any other ways that you can think of to recruit outside of the box (i.e. – Reddit, etc.)
    • Responsible for tagging incoming recruits (guild roster management)
    • Checking forums daily to see if any new applicants need invites in-game (can add to friend list and check periodically if they’re online)
    • Maintaining close communication with CL’s and website admin to see what classes we need the most and seeing that this is updated on the website.
  • Guild Bank Manager
    • Responsible for managing the content of the Guild Bank. Must ensure that it doesn’t get filled with trash, that spells are for current max level range, and that the deposit box always has room in it for more items.
    • The GBM may delegate other bankers to make sure that withdrawals can be made if the GBM is not online and someone needs a spell or whatever.
  • Forum Administrator
    • Granting prospective members access to the general/public forums
    • Moving applications to the Members Only area for current full members to be able to discuss the individual
    • Creating polls for issues which the guild must vote on (i.e. – Membership approval, opening new content, etc.).
    • Making sure that everyone has the appropriate levels of access
    • Archiving old/irrelevant posts
    • Creating sub-forums for whatever the guild needs (i.e. – Class sections, DKP dumps, etc.)
  • TeamSpeak Moderator
    • Ensure that all new members are given access to the proper TS channels (raid, grouping, etc) and that certain channels are restricted (i.e. – only leadership should have access to officer chat in TS, etc).
    • Help maintain order in TS by keeping vent chat clear during event information, intricate raid events, etc.

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