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        by Published on 11-24-2017 12:52 AM

        Hey guys, been a while since we had an update and while another pantheon stream has occurred, I can safely say that no Pre-Alpha emails have been sent yet and no updates on an "Official" Pre-Alpha date has been shared with me. Current assumption, as of the last stream, is that we'll get the date announced after November 26 because they will be shutting off the monthly installment pledge for PA status on that date, and its widely expected that Pre-Alpha will officially start with its first test around or just after Xmas since they've mentioned they'll be officially shutting off the $1,000 all at once pledge level on December 20th and other reasons they've seemingly eluded to.

        Ideally their new forums will also be brought online somewhere in that timeline and we'll start putting our guild out there for everyone to see to get some awareness going. Official recruitment won't be until Alpha or Beta stages but if I find anyone worth adding in Pre-Alpha, you can bet they'll show up here mysteriously and not want to talk about anything (so par for the course?)

        Anyways, while we wait, here is another stream update where they take you behind the scenes and show you some of the unfinished bits that the Pre-Alpha and potentially Alpha players will be getting to see and work with first hand.

        by Published on 09-29-2017 11:32 PM

        Hey guys, been a while since we had a nice solid update on the status of the guild/game. Privately, I can say they've been making progress on a number of things and have been fairly open in the VIP channels about that progress with monthly updates on their advance toward Pre-Alpha. They haven't listed any dates nor really told us any indication of how quickly it would come but with this most recent Twitchcast with CohhCarnage we've been told "Soon", which ordinarily I'd brush off but it appears they are on the cusp of shutting down Pre-Alpha pledge packages for Pre-Alpha's release.

        Take a peak at the new video below, 5:08 is about where they briefly discuss pre-alpha. Its only a short twitch cast for sure lasting only 38 minutes but so far the visuals look amazing.. who wants to make an ogre character?.. Those models are looking amazing!

        Anyways, Pre-Alpha is the stage where I plan to start circling the wagons on putting this guild together and laying the ground work. With the Pre-Alpha launch, we anticipate that VR will be launching their new forums. When that happens we'll be announcing our guild on their official forums for the first time. With that I'll be working to get some updates and changes done to our home here which will continue slowing being adapted in the long run for the games eventual launch. Recruitment won't officially start until much later, likely Beta stages when we have more freedom to form our guild and bring the players in to get to know one another.

        Lots of fun stuff coming up.. Can't wait!
        by Published on 05-19-2017 07:43 PM

        Pantheon is seemingly moving forward and onward toward Pre-Alpha, Alpha and Beta phases. If you've not checked out the most recent Twitch live streams you've missed a lot!

        For those who are interested you can still find them here
        Part 1
        Part 2

        Lots of great stuff and lets hope they start launching into Pre-Alpha, Alpha and Beta phases soon to get us all in game.

        On a local side, we're still deep in planning and talking through what we want this guild to be and how we plan to operate it. Nothing I can reveal yet but we're not going to rush the process because we want to get it right. Keep checking back and no worries because we'll make an email announcement once recruitment officially opens.
        by Published on 04-15-2017 03:03 PM

        Please welcome Taldaas into the mix, he's a good real life friend (yes I have those, who said I didn't?) and a solid player with a solid MMO background. Over the coming months he'll be assisting me and Knightmare in figuring out the foundation of the guild and getting us started.

        and now for your Headline of the Week:
        by Published on 08-11-2015 04:58 PM

        Greetings my fellow guild members.

        A great deal has occurred over the last couple of weeks. As most of you are aware by now, me (Keldaria) and Knightmare have opted to step back from the guild and the game a few weeks ago. This was due to a number of reasons, some personal (Real Life), others more general (Burned Out) and ultimately wasn't a reflection of our opinion towards anyone or any situation. Sure we all had our disagreements at times but if everyone always agreed then the world would of course be a very different and strange place indeed.

        However at the time we left the decision firmly in our members hands about the direction you guys wanted to take. Even though I was effectively gone from in game I have made an effort to stay active and aware on the forums of any changes or needs the new leadership (whoever that may be) required to continue on. After a few weeks of limited information I now understand that the leadership and remaining members have opted to move to the Test Server and start a new progression guild under the name of "Nostalgic Legends". For those of you looking for them they can be found at a new web space @ http://nostalgiclegends.guildportal.com/ and continue progression just like we left off.

        I truly wish them the best in their efforts to start again, and would encourage any new recruits popping in here to head on over and check them out.

        As for Mal`Deth itself, it would appear that its chapter in the grand book that is EQ, is drawing to a close once again. In 4 months we formed a guild from scratch, beat the OoW expansion, DoN expansion and cleared all 5 Blood raids in DoDh in era levels, gear and other era based restrictions. All of which was done with very limited boxing. That is no small feat and anyone who was involved in that accomplishment should feel proud.

        As promised, www.maldeth.com will remain available until the new leadership no longer needs them. They appear well under way with their website. Once they give me the word that their members have successfully transitioned over, I will start to transition this site into an inactive state until I can decide what to do with it long term.

        If anyone should need to contact me, you can reach me via Keldaria@Keldaria.com or PM on this website.

        PS: No word yet from snapple...
        by Published on 07-09-2015 09:22 AM

        After much discussion last night, today I've taken it upon myself to draft an official letter to Snapple concerning a potential future relationship between them and our group. I've placed said letter in the mail today and hope to hear a response back from them soon. I will keep you all informed as I know many of you are just as eager as I to engage in a full scale partnership with this amazing product.

        Below is a copy of the letter I sent (please note my real name, address and phone number were actually included in the original so they can formally respond to our letter).

        by Published on 06-26-2015 01:00 AM

        And just like that... Blood Raids are done!

        As Queen Sendaii lay dead on the ground (or shoved into a wall), the sounds of "HOODY HOO!" could be heard echoing through TeamSpeak. Mal`Deth has officially beaten all five Blood Raids. Of course, as anyone who has done these raids legit can tell you, Sendaii is by far the toughest one. We definitely wiped a few times to her, but on our third night of attempting her, she finally went down. A little tweaking to the original plan and it actually felt pretty smooth!

        Congratulations to this incredible guild! Vule next week and Demi-Plane of Blood is right around the corner!!! Time to crash some dinner parties and stab a few vampires!

        If you're interested in joining a truly talented and dedicated raid force, reliving mid-era content (the best content in EQ) and having a blast with the most fun crew of people I've ever played EQ with, then drop off an application!

        Check needed classes before applying and make sure you have read our Guild Charter!

        See you at raids...