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      • It's Official, there's no update yet

        Hey guys, been a while since we had an update and while another pantheon stream has occurred, I can safely say that no Pre-Alpha emails have been sent yet and no updates on an "Official" Pre-Alpha date has been shared with me. Current assumption, as of the last stream, is that we'll get the date announced after November 26 because they will be shutting off the monthly installment pledge for PA status on that date, and its widely expected that Pre-Alpha will officially start with its first test around or just after Xmas since they've mentioned they'll be officially shutting off the $1,000 all at once pledge level on December 20th and other reasons they've seemingly eluded to.

        Ideally their new forums will also be brought online somewhere in that timeline and we'll start putting our guild out there for everyone to see to get some awareness going. Official recruitment won't be until Alpha or Beta stages but if I find anyone worth adding in Pre-Alpha, you can bet they'll show up here mysteriously and not want to talk about anything (so par for the course?)

        Anyways, while we wait, here is another stream update where they take you behind the scenes and show you some of the unfinished bits that the Pre-Alpha and potentially Alpha players will be getting to see and work with first hand.

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