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      • Pantheon - Technical Art Twitchcast... Pre-Alpha "Soon"

        Hey guys, been a while since we had a nice solid update on the status of the guild/game. Privately, I can say they've been making progress on a number of things and have been fairly open in the VIP channels about that progress with monthly updates on their advance toward Pre-Alpha. They haven't listed any dates nor really told us any indication of how quickly it would come but with this most recent Twitchcast with CohhCarnage we've been told "Soon", which ordinarily I'd brush off but it appears they are on the cusp of shutting down Pre-Alpha pledge packages for Pre-Alpha's release.

        Take a peak at the new video below, 5:08 is about where they briefly discuss pre-alpha. Its only a short twitch cast for sure lasting only 38 minutes but so far the visuals look amazing.. who wants to make an ogre character?.. Those models are looking amazing!

        Anyways, Pre-Alpha is the stage where I plan to start circling the wagons on putting this guild together and laying the ground work. With the Pre-Alpha launch, we anticipate that VR will be launching their new forums. When that happens we'll be announcing our guild on their official forums for the first time. With that I'll be working to get some updates and changes done to our home here which will continue slowing being adapted in the long run for the games eventual launch. Recruitment won't officially start until much later, likely Beta stages when we have more freedom to form our guild and bring the players in to get to know one another.

        Lots of fun stuff coming up.. Can't wait!
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