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      • Snapple

        After much discussion last night, today I've taken it upon myself to draft an official letter to Snapple concerning a potential future relationship between them and our group. I've placed said letter in the mail today and hope to hear a response back from them soon. I will keep you all informed as I know many of you are just as eager as I to engage in a full scale partnership with this amazing product.

        Below is a copy of the letter I sent (please note my real name, address and phone number were actually included in the original so they can formally respond to our letter).

        Comments 5 Comments
        1. Dailor's Avatar
          Dailor -
          this is beautiful.
        1. Dihma's Avatar
          Dihma -
          If they do not respond to that something is seriously wrong with the world
        1. Knightmare's Avatar
          Knightmare -
          I can't wait to drink Snapple, not only because I love it, but because we're sponsored by them during raids.
        1. Ssliasil's Avatar
          Ssliasil -
          This is the best THING.
        1. Arcantis's Avatar
          Arcantis -
          Well played, sir.

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