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      • They're Dropping Like... Spiders...

        And just like that... Blood Raids are done!

        As Queen Sendaii lay dead on the ground (or shoved into a wall), the sounds of "HOODY HOO!" could be heard echoing through TeamSpeak. Mal`Deth has officially beaten all five Blood Raids. Of course, as anyone who has done these raids legit can tell you, Sendaii is by far the toughest one. We definitely wiped a few times to her, but on our third night of attempting her, she finally went down. A little tweaking to the original plan and it actually felt pretty smooth!

        Congratulations to this incredible guild! Vule next week and Demi-Plane of Blood is right around the corner!!! Time to crash some dinner parties and stab a few vampires!

        If you're interested in joining a truly talented and dedicated raid force, reliving mid-era content (the best content in EQ) and having a blast with the most fun crew of people I've ever played EQ with, then drop off an application!

        Check needed classes before applying and make sure you have read our Guild Charter!

        See you at raids...