Hello everyone!

It's my honor to announce that we're going to try to get things moving again. If you're seeing this, then hopefully you're as excited as I am that our website is back up and running! Snapple... we're not letting this go.

As it stands right now, Keldaria and I agreed that the guild will not move forward with recruiting efforts until a full officer team is in place and we've had the chance, as a complete leadership, to meet and discuss the direction of the guild. We've got a lot of work and planning to do before recruitment opens up to the public, however returning members are of course welcome to rejoin any time of their choosing. We just ask that, if you choose to rejoin ahead of open recruitment, you're patient with us as we try to put together the most capable leadership possible.

Full disclosure, and I know Keldaria would agree with this, we got burnt out majorly last time. The pace at which Mal`Deth was traveling (kicking the ever-loving shit out of every raid target we set our eyes on), took its toll on the leadership, which by the end was pretty much down to just a few of us trying to hold the whole thing together. We know that many of you just want to raid, group, and have fun without the pressures of leadership, so it's imperative that we put ourselves in a position where we'll never need to pressure the membership into taking on leadership roles in the future. Our aim, and we will not settle for less, is to find like-minded individuals who are serious and devoted to the goals that we share and who will take on the responsibilities and burdens of a leadership role for the sake of keeping the individual burden light, so everyone in the leadership feels that they are able to breathe, relax, and enjoy the game without taking on too many jobs or stressing themselves out to the point of needing a vacation from EQ.

I know I can also speak on behalf of Kelaria, when I say that we cherished our time with you all. We enjoyed building friendships with you guys, kicking the shit out of raid targets with you, and we took immeasurable pride in what Mal`Deth was able to accomplish in the four months that we were raiding. Scrolling back through our recruitment post on the EQ forums, it's really incredible and similar guilds have tried and failed to do what we did together. I attribute our success to who we were as a guild, who we were together. It's my sincerest hope that our regulars will return and that we will welcome dozens of new players into the fold, max out raid count, and utterly dominate again, as is the nature of this group of maniacs that I call my EQ family. We are raiders. It's what we do. And we're very, very good at it...

I'm excited about getting back into that with you all and I hope to see all of our regulars return. Just be patient as we put in the time necessary to ensure that we go the distance this time around. It'll be worth the wait, I promise you.

All of my hatred,