Hello there and thank you for your interest in Mal`Deth!

If you are a seasoned vet of progression raiding, then perhaps you'll be somewhat familiar with our rules and goals. However, whether this is your first run with a progression guild or your hundredth, we're bound to do things a bit differently than what you may be used to. So, before you fill out your application, please...

  1. Start by CLICKING HERE to be taken to our Guild Charter, which will explain all of our rules!

  2. If the Guild Charter has peaked your interest, and you think you're ready to drop off an application, CLICK HERE in order to register! Please register under your main's name so that we will recognize you in game!

  3. Once you've gone through our Guild Charter and you've registered, you're ready to fill out your application, by CLICKING HERE! If you are a former/current member of Retrospection or Lost in Progression, you will have the option to fill out a shorter version of the application, since the officers probably already know you. If you are not a former/current member of either of those guilds, please fill out the New Member application.

Thank you again! We look forward to reading your application!