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    • Counting with Mal`Deth!

      Hey kids!
      Today we're going to have some fun, learning our numbers with our favorite vampire: Count von Count!

      Let's practice counting to 6!

      Yep, that's right... /grin

      All six trials have been defeated by 25 (on Foresight, NBD) to 32 in-era (lvl 70, with no Omens gear that hasn't been earned during raids, no defiant gear/augs, etc) raiding mains of Mal`Deth! I won't lie, Foresight gave us a good run and really forced us to hone our skills as raiders. In the end, we got it down and now the gates of CoA have swung open, inviting us in to slaughter and loot everything in sight!

      If you're looking to join us, now is the time! Read the Guild Charter for rules, raid schedule, etc. Be sure to also check our needed classes before applying!

      So, is there anything out there that can stop us?! Elephino!