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    • An Epic Update... (Get it?!)

      Sooooooooo, it's been a while! It's long overdue that we put a new story up here and what better story to share than the epic (teehee) tale of Mal`Deth slaughtering our way around Norrath in order to equip our members with their 1.5's!

      It started like most classic stories... A few elves and a couple of lizard men hop on a boat and set out for adventure... you know, that old chestnut...

      Pretty soon, they met up with some of their guild homies and decided that it was time to rally Mal`Deth and start killing mobs...

      The mobs found out what was happening. They were less than excited...

      A wake of corpses rippled through Norrath, as we made kill...

      After kill...

      After kill...

      After bloody, merciless kill...

      Of course, this is but a small sample of our kill catalog. There's many more mobs out there just itching to die and who are we to deny them their dreams? We're Dream Makers (TM), here at Mal`Deth.

      Savage, relentless murder is but one of the many beautiful aspects of this update that I have for you all. I'd also like to take a moment to brag about our incredible officers who have been recruiting like maniacs. Shout out to Dallia, Deecayed, and Keldaria for just killin' it and making this guild the spectacular family that it's become...

      Of course, if we're being honest... we may have had to take some unorthodox tactics in order to pull in as many recruits as possible.

      Whatever it takes! *drops pants*

      Indeed, we are still recruiting and we've got all the naked Barbarians you can handle! Please always check our "Class Needs" section on the home page, as we update it very regularly. Even if a class section is listed as closed, we may make an exception for an extraordinary raider. Make sure to click on the "Guild Charter" link before applying to check that our rules and raid times work for you.

      Epic 1.5 and 2.0 fights are being taken down left and right and we're very close to starting progression raids. DKP is already being earned for event nights, so now is the perfect time to join! If you're into killing shit with cool people, you should probably go ahead and apply

      See you in the past...