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    • And so it begins...

      Well, it's been quite a long time since Tunare has seen the Mal`Deth tag flying throughout Norrath but...

      And this time, we've got a totally new mission: Legitimate, era-restricted progression, beginning from Omens of War and moving on indefinitely. This means, we're enforcing a level cap at 70, we're not allowing defiant gear or other out of era (OOE) stuff, etc. Basically, we're trying to recreate what it was like to raid this content when it was the end game. Obviously, it can't be 100% accurate, but we're going to be the closest that anyone could possibly get.

      Now, you may be asking yourself, "Self... why wouldn't they just join the new progression server when it comes out?" Well, for a few reasons, including...

      (1) There are no other progression guilds on Tunare (i.e. - No competition)
      (2) Tunare is a populated server. This means we have a Bazaar that is actually useful!!! Tradeskillers rejoice!
      (3) We're not looking to go all the way back to the beginning of EQ... we kinda wanna move on, get our 2.0's, and see some content beyond GoD.
      (4) Uh... I felt like there had to be four reasons, but I'm kind of bored of this list, so I'm just gonna move on...

      MD is in its infancy right now. We're still tweaking a few things with the website, getting last minute feedback on our guild charter, which can be found HERE and you should totally go read through it to make sure that everything sounds good to you before signing up, and we're still filling some crucial leadership roles before we officially open up recruiting. However, this doesn't mean that you can't go register on our forums in order to say hello and start getting to know the core membership of the guild.

      We are setting up our leadership a bit different than most guilds in EQ. Since we know that progression guilds are delicate flowers which need constant love and attention, we want to make sure that we do everything in our power to set up a strong leadership structure which will ensure that the guild can continue through difficult patches (holidays, application lulls, etc). As such, there is no "Guild Leader" rank in MD. We have a crew of officers who will lead the guild (all spelled out in our charter). Because of this structure, our guild cannot be broken if one person leaves MD for an extended amount of time. We'll have enough Raid Leaders and other officers where if it comes to be that a Raid Leader has to leave EQ for a while, you're already comfortable with the other RL's to the point where it doesn't feel weird. Genius, right?! We thought so...

      Another difference between MD and most other guilds, is that we will not tolerate drama, shit-stirrers (I'm sure you've met a few during your time in EQ), or anyone who doesn't abide by the general concept of treating others with respect. We understand that progression is a chance for you to relive content that you've likely experienced with a different guild. However, we're not your old guild. We're gonna do some things differently. That doesn't mean you can't suggest strats, share your opinions, and contribute to the direction and approach of the guild. What it does mean, however, is that we're not going to put up with people who follow the "If it ain't broke, break it" mentality, where they have to try to change functional strategies because their old guild did it differently. I know, this part of the announcement is kind of a bummer... I'm sorry about that. It just kinda had to be said... to prevent issues... ya know? Ok, now I feel bad for bringing you down... here, look at this picture of a Llama in a party hat...

      Do you feel better? Why are its eyes so full of love? It must love partying...

      Anyway, that's enough of a novel for right now. Go register on our forums, say hello, drop off an application, and let's make Mal`Deth the most awesomely fun and kick-ass progression guild in EQ history!

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