• Class Needs

      SUPER High Demand:
      Bard (4)

      High Demand:
      Cleric (3)
      Monk (3)
      Paladin (3)
      Ranger (3)
      Rogue (3)

      Medium Demand:
      Berserker (2)
      Druid (2)
      Enchanter (2)
      Magician (2)
      Necromancer (2)
      Shaman (2)
      Warrior (2)
      Wizard (2)

      Low Demand:
      Beastlord (1)
      Shadow Knight (1)

    • Dragons of Norrath Beaten!


      Vishimtar took a grand total of 3 attempts. We went into the instance on an earlier night just to show people what the zone looked like, etc but as far as actual committed attempts go, we got him down on our third try. This raid force is incredible. We would have taken a screenshot with Vishi himself, but he fell into the wall. We'll add a screenshot after we kill him again next week For now, check us out flexing next to the chest, which dropped some sweet loot!!!

      Grats to Viladyan on being our first member to complete the YL/Vishi eye quest and get his awesome 1.0 sec cast time heal clicky!

      As promised... here is a shot of the mighty beast's corpse...

      Depths of Darkhollow is officially open for group content!!!

      We will be working the group content in DoDH and farming CoA/DoN for a while yet before moving into flagging raids for Demi. None of us expected to be moving through progression so quickly, so we're going to slow things down just a bit and make sure we farm the crap out of CoA/DoN before putting any of it on post-farm.

      Just a reminder, all of our wins are done legitimately, without the use of high levels or their buffs. We do not allow defiant gear or augs, no hotzone quest gear, nor do we allow any fabled items. All gear worn by raiders, including augs, existed during the expansions we're raiding and have been earned legitimately by grouping or raiding. This is as close to the original era as any guild can get and as such, beating OMM and Vishi within a week of each other is nothing short of incredible. Mal`Deth rocks and our members are incredibly talented raiders! Cannot wait for Demi flagging!!! (even though we have to, to make time for farming...)

      Class sections are filling up and our needs will be adjusted on the website.
      But, I'll spare you the trouble!

      Our highest needs are:
      - ENCHANTERS -
      - PALADINS -


      Apply today! Join this incredible team while recruiting is still open for all classes!