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      "Sure, you killed everything through AMV, but I'm not impressed..." - Some dick.

      "Pfffffttttttttttttttttttttttttt, talk to me when you kill OMM..." - A real jerk.

      "You guys aren't a real raid force..." - A very incorrect individual...

      Yep, it finally happened. Tonight was the night. Not only did we beat OMM... we beat him twice...

      We got him to banish us the first attempt, then accidentally took too long getting back. We thought we had a lot more time than we did apparently. I could hear the heads slamming into desks and imminent depression was befalling the raid force. Obviously, we could not call it for the night, even though we were already beyond midnight at this point. We were hungry for a win. And when we're hungry, we stay up past our bed times. And when we stay up past our bed times, this happens...

      Now look at this pretty lockout list!

      This week yielded FIVE 2.0 orbs (OMM dropped two of them tonight) and our members are loving spamming guild chat with their links! I have to say, I love seeing it too.

      Now, let's take a moment to talk about just how difficult this encounter can be. Most guilds back in the day didn't even attempt OMM after they saw what he is capable of. Plenty of guilds just farmed through AMV and revisited OMM during later expansions. However, we're not plenty of guilds. We are going to do progression legit (or as close to legit as a guild can get in EQ these days). DoN is next on the chopping block and for those who say we can't handle Vish... I remind you that we just handled OMM

      I want to take a moment to congratulate our raiders, who are diligent, focused, capable, and adaptive. You have all proven to the world that we are to be taken seriously now as a progression raid force. We have sculpted an incredibly fun and talented squad here and I cannot wait to keep progressing with you all. Tonight, more than any night, you all sincerely and profoundly impressed me to my core. I have never raided with such an incredible group of people.

      Here's to a very bright and successful future of raiding together! WE FUCKING BEAT OMENS OF WAR!!!!!!!!