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    • So, this happened...

      It's been a really solid couple of weeks to be in Mal`Deth... and a really shitty couple of weeks to be a raid mob in CoA...

      (Insert picture of Ture in which his corpse didn't fall into the god damn wall, ruining everything... see lockout screenshot if you think we beat Jelvan and not Ture)

      Yep, that's right. Everything in CoA, except for OMM (soon... soon, you son of a bitch) has been slain with ease (ok, maybe Jelvan was a pain in the ass the first couple of times) by the heroes over at Mal`Deth!

      A very special congratulations to our first class of 2.0 raiders, Claude, Crenshin, and Joeesiph! If you got it, flaunt it, baby!

      We are very proud to announce that, since CoA sans OMM has been completed legitimately in era at max lvl 70, we are now officially opening the Dragons of Norrath expansion!!!

      No, no, no... that's the wrong dragon. I mean, it's a fun fight sure, but it's not DoN.

      I have no doubts in my mind that Mal`Deth will annihilate the DoN expansion with ease. After Foresight, Jelvan, and making the rest of CoA look like a walk in the park, the only potential challenge will be Vishi, who really is nothing more than a cracked out version of RSS Queen/King anyway. So, please...