• Class Needs

      SUPER High Demand:
      Bard (4)

      High Demand:
      Cleric (3)
      Monk (3)
      Paladin (3)
      Ranger (3)
      Rogue (3)

      Medium Demand:
      Berserker (2)
      Druid (2)
      Enchanter (2)
      Magician (2)
      Necromancer (2)
      Shaman (2)
      Warrior (2)
      Wizard (2)

      Low Demand:
      Beastlord (1)
      Shadow Knight (1)

    • Guild Happenings

      by Published on 04-15-2017 03:03 PM

      Please welcome Taldaas into the mix, he's a good real life friend (yes I have those, who said I didn't?) and a solid player with a solid MMO background. Over the coming months he'll be assisting me and Knightmare in figuring out the foundation of the guild and getting us started.

      and now for your Headline of the Week:
      by Published on 04-08-2017 11:04 AM

      Ok, so some of you may notice that a few things might have disappeared. To most of you this will amount to a few random posts and things where we were talking publicly and/or just saying hello. For Knightmare, he'll notice that all the post in our officer area where we were discussing plans and mehods for the next iteration of our guild in Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen, has disappeared. Well, long story short I had to reset us back to the state we were when I first reactivated the forums last year due to me mistakenly wiping both our live site's database and our test sites database while working to redevelop the website. Ordinarily I take full backups before doing anything that touches the live site's database or before doing any major upgrades or work on the backend. However I wasn't intending to touch the live site and was actually just working to clean out the test site I use to copy the live site over so I could begin the work of redevelopment. So somehow I managed to wipe both and had to revert back to an old database copy.

      What does this mean? well ultimately not much. We did have some new heads pop in this latest round that I wanted to keep so we could reach out later when Pantheon hits beta or goes live but ultimately I don't think we lost much since this latest round wasn't really able to get off the ground. As such, we'll be referring to this as the "Lost Chapter" of Mal`Deth as that seems oddly appropriate. If your login has disappeared because of this, sorry about it, please re-register and let me know and I'll bump you into the guest member usergroup with the rest of the former members.

      Anyways, since this is essentially going to be the only post available for most people, let me bring you up to date on our activities.

      1. I am beginning work on cleaning up and redeveloping the website. I am to transition us from a vBulletin 4 installation into a vBulletin 5 build as it seems they've advanced that far enough for it to be viable. Unfortunately they've changed a ton with this upgrade so it'll take a while for me to fully tweak and redevelop it so don't expect to see any changes overnight or even this month. The upgrade breaks a ton of stuff including our application forms, theme/style and a number of other things that I'll need to work up solutions for. I'm not even entirely convinced we'll be making the switch at this point but I plan to dig in more since it is an upgrade I'd like to eventually transition to for a number of reasons.
      2. Knightmare and I are currently speaking privately about a planned guild and what sort of foundation we want to put together for the upcoming game Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen. If you haven't checked this out, please do, the game looks to be killer and hopefully will be hitting Beta late this year. We're going to do something for this game but are still debating the details so stay tuned if you are interested as we'll release details here first, then directly on the Pantheon Forums.

      Thanks for stopping by, now for your headline of the week:
      by Published on 08-11-2015 04:58 PM

      Greetings my fellow guild members.

      A great deal has occurred over the last couple of weeks. As most of you are aware by now, me (Keldaria) and Knightmare have opted to step back from the guild and the game a few weeks ago. This was due to a number of reasons, some personal (Real Life), others more general (Burned Out) and ultimately wasn't a reflection of our opinion towards anyone or any situation. Sure we all had our disagreements at times but if everyone always agreed then the world would of course be a very different and strange place indeed.

      However at the time we left the decision firmly in our members hands about the direction you guys wanted to take. Even though I was effectively gone from in game I have made an effort to stay active and aware on the forums of any changes or needs the new leadership (whoever that may be) required to continue on. After a few weeks of limited information I now understand that the leadership and remaining members have opted to move to the Test Server and start a new progression guild under the name of "Nostalgic Legends". For those of you looking for them they can be found at a new web space @ http://nostalgiclegends.guildportal.com/ and continue progression just like we left off.

      I truly wish them the best in their efforts to start again, and would encourage any new recruits popping in here to head on over and check them out.

      As for Mal`Deth itself, it would appear that its chapter in the grand book that is EQ, is drawing to a close once again. In 4 months we formed a guild from scratch, beat the OoW expansion, DoN expansion and cleared all 5 Blood raids in DoDh in era levels, gear and other era based restrictions. All of which was done with very limited boxing. That is no small feat and anyone who was involved in that accomplishment should feel proud.

      As promised, www.maldeth.com will remain available until the new leadership no longer needs them. They appear well under way with their website. Once they give me the word that their members have successfully transitioned over, I will start to transition this site into an inactive state until I can decide what to do with it long term.

      If anyone should need to contact me, you can reach me via Keldaria@Keldaria.com or PM on this website.

      PS: No word yet from snapple...
      by Published on 07-09-2015 09:22 AM

      After much discussion last night, today I've taken it upon myself to draft an official letter to Snapple concerning a potential future relationship between them and our group. I've placed said letter in the mail today and hope to hear a response back from them soon. I will keep you all informed as I know many of you are just as eager as I to engage in a full scale partnership with this amazing product.

      Below is a copy of the letter I sent (please note my real name, address and phone number were actually included in the original so they can formally respond to our letter).

      by Published on 06-26-2015 01:00 AM

      And just like that... Blood Raids are done!

      As Queen Sendaii lay dead on the ground (or shoved into a wall), the sounds of "HOODY HOO!" could be heard echoing through TeamSpeak. Mal`Deth has officially beaten all five Blood Raids. Of course, as anyone who has done these raids legit can tell you, Sendaii is by far the toughest one. We definitely wiped a few times to her, but on our third night of attempting her, she finally went down. A little tweaking to the original plan and it actually felt pretty smooth!

      Congratulations to this incredible guild! Vule next week and Demi-Plane of Blood is right around the corner!!! Time to crash some dinner parties and stab a few vampires!

      If you're interested in joining a truly talented and dedicated raid force, reliving mid-era content (the best content in EQ) and having a blast with the most fun crew of people I've ever played EQ with, then drop off an application!

      Check needed classes before applying and make sure you have read our Guild Charter!

      See you at raids...
      by Published on 06-05-2015 12:23 AM


      Vishimtar took a grand total of 3 attempts. We went into the instance on an earlier night just to show people what the zone looked like, etc but as far as actual committed attempts go, we got him down on our third try. This raid force is incredible. We would have taken a screenshot with Vishi himself, but he fell into the wall. We'll add a screenshot after we kill him again next week For now, check us out flexing next to the chest, which dropped some sweet loot!!!

      Grats to Viladyan on being our first member to complete the YL/Vishi eye quest and get his awesome 1.0 sec cast time heal clicky!

      As promised... here is a shot of the mighty beast's corpse...

      Depths of Darkhollow is officially open for group content!!!

      We will be working the group content in DoDH and farming CoA/DoN for a while yet before moving into flagging raids for Demi. None of us expected to be moving through progression so quickly, so we're going to slow things down just a bit and make sure we farm the crap out of CoA/DoN before putting any of it on post-farm.

      Just a reminder, all of our wins are done legitimately, without the use of high levels or their buffs. We do not allow defiant gear or augs, no hotzone quest gear, nor do we allow any fabled items. All gear worn by raiders, including augs, existed during the expansions we're raiding and have been earned legitimately by grouping or raiding. This is as close to the original era as any guild can get and as such, beating OMM and Vishi within a week of each other is nothing short of incredible. Mal`Deth rocks and our members are incredibly talented raiders! Cannot wait for Demi flagging!!! (even though we have to, to make time for farming...)

      Class sections are filling up and our needs will be adjusted on the website.
      But, I'll spare you the trouble!

      Our highest needs are:
      - ENCHANTERS -
      - PALADINS -


      Apply today! Join this incredible team while recruiting is still open for all classes!
      by Published on 05-29-2015 12:03 AM

      "Sure, you killed everything through AMV, but I'm not impressed..." - Some dick.

      "Pfffffttttttttttttttttttttttttt, talk to me when you kill OMM..." - A real jerk.

      "You guys aren't a real raid force..." - A very incorrect individual...

      Yep, it finally happened. Tonight was the night. Not only did we beat OMM... we beat him twice...

      We got him to banish us the first attempt, then accidentally took too long getting back. We thought we had a lot more time than we did apparently. I could hear the heads slamming into desks and imminent depression was befalling the raid force. Obviously, we could not call it for the night, even though we were already beyond midnight at this point. We were hungry for a win. And when we're hungry, we stay up past our bed times. And when we stay up past our bed times, this happens...

      Now look at this pretty lockout list!

      This week yielded FIVE 2.0 orbs (OMM dropped two of them tonight) and our members are loving spamming guild chat with their links! I have to say, I love seeing it too.

      Now, let's take a moment to talk about just how difficult this encounter can be. Most guilds back in the day didn't even attempt OMM after they saw what he is capable of. Plenty of guilds just farmed through AMV and revisited OMM during later expansions. However, we're not plenty of guilds. We are going to do progression legit (or as close to legit as a guild can get in EQ these days). DoN is next on the chopping block and for those who say we can't handle Vish... I remind you that we just handled OMM

      I want to take a moment to congratulate our raiders, who are diligent, focused, capable, and adaptive. You have all proven to the world that we are to be taken seriously now as a progression raid force. We have sculpted an incredibly fun and talented squad here and I cannot wait to keep progressing with you all. Tonight, more than any night, you all sincerely and profoundly impressed me to my core. I have never raided with such an incredible group of people.

      Here's to a very bright and successful future of raiding together! WE FUCKING BEAT OMENS OF WAR!!!!!!!!